Why Fight the Battle Against Cloud instead Transform your IT Organization

Over the last year, as the CEO / Co-Founder of JetSweep, a Cloud and Analytics Solution provider, I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of Business and IT professionals.  In the course of these conversations, several constant themes resonated from my interactions with clients, prospects, partners, colleagues and friends. The themes we discussed were consistently […]

Please Join CloudHealth and JetSweep for Cocktails and Cloud and Modernized Data Architecture Conversations!

Please join CloudHealth Technologies and JetSweep for cocktails and appetizers as we take you on a journey to the cloud, March 29th from 6:00 – 7:30pm at District Hall in the beautiful Seaport District. During the event, we’ll be presenting on the following topics: Why Cloud – AWS and TCO Cloud Economics Cloud Management for Migrations, Visibility, […]

A Year of Change a Future of Transition

When we look back historically at the year that was, I believe 2016  may go down as one of the most divisive and controversial in two generations. In my lifetime, I cannot remember a year with so many major events that will have far-reaching impact for decades to come. From a political perspective, two major upsets highlighted with the United […]

Brexit and Business Intelligence, What Now?

With the stunning and unexpected vote last month enabling the United Kingdom to regain its national identity, while weakening the European Union, no one really knows what is next for the World and Global Economy?  Will there be a trickle down effect on a macro-economic level and or corporate level?  Your guess is as good as anyone’s, but […]

Excel Spreadmart Business Process Automation with Tableau

In the last 30 years, many successful organizations have evolved key internal business processes by heavily leveraging Microsoft Excel.   Microsoft Excel was created in the mid-1980’s and is an extremely valuable tool at the individual Desktop level.   However, through the proliferation of Spreadmarts, a great many organizations have leaned on Excel to manage divisional and even […]