The Founders of JetSweep wanted to start a different type of company, a Strategic Cloud and Analytics organization that provides transformative business and AWS solutions to our clients in the areas of: Cloud Strategy, Enablement, Back-Up & DR, Data Lake Analytics, MSFT Windows, DB Migration, Workspaces and Infrastructure Architecture. At JetSweep, we work with our clients to help them provide clear and concise solutions. As a result, we got together to create a culture and code that we all live by called the JetSweep Way.  Fundamentally, the mantra can be summed up with four main points:  listening to client needs, creating business process efficiencies with every opportunity, reducing unnecessary cost, and delivering innovative solutions.

In today’s business climate, organizations are faced with an ever-changing landscape where speed-to-market has never been more pronounced.  In Enterprise IT, Cloud Computing has emerged as  a disruptive and transformative technology.  As an Amazon Web Services APN Advanced Consulting Partner, we work with our clients to understand how AWS can benefit their organization.  The key to a sound cloud strategy is to define what the cloud will accomplish for your business and what the enterprise will gain from the cloud.Amazon Web Services has been at the forefront of this business and technology transformation.  AWS cloud computing provides greater speed, agility and innovation by making technology and information more accessible to more people.