The Founders of JetSweep wanted to start a different type of company, a Strategic Cloud and Analytics organization that provides transformative business and technology solutions to our clients in the areas of Cloud Strategy, Cloud Enablement, Cloud Management, Business Analytics, Modernized Data Architectures, Big Data, IoT, Streaming and Machine Learning.  As a result, we got together to create a culture and code that we all live by called the JetSweep Way.  Fundamentally, the mantra can be summed up with four main points:  listening to client needs, creating business process efficiencies with every opportunity, reducing unnecessary cost, and delivering innovative solutions.

At JetSweep, we work with our clients to help them visualize and prepare for the challenges in the changing technology landscape and provide clear and concise strategic roadmap solutions.  With our background in Managed Services and ITSM standards, we believe there is a better way to manage Cloud and Data relationships.   We believe there is a seismic shift in the conventional information technology world and we provide best practice methodologies and solutions to navigate and integrate the new ecosystem with the existing systems and architectures.