AWS Business Applications

Enterprises require that their mission critical business applications such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle are up and running 24×7. However, enterprises today are also building business applications in the cloud, in order to increase revenue. Whatever it is, the requirements are the same: Availability, agility and flexibility are key. Companies of all sizes are running their business web applications in the cloud to simplify infrastructure management, deploy more quickly, lower cost, and increase revenue. Run your existing business on AWS, while building the future of your business on AWS as well.

Let AWS be the foundation of your business

The foundation of many organizations lie in databases such as SAP and Oracle. However, today, running these databases on AWS can be much more beneficial to your organization, allowing you to focus on building the future of your business on AWS. Let AWS be the foundation of your business.


SAP and Amazon Web Services maintain a partnership together to ensure our customers have a choice. Running SAP on AWS has never been easier. AWS is fully certified to run in production, and has an extensive partner ecosystem that can help with migration.

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Amazon Web Services enables Microsoft applications such as SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server and many other applications to run certified in production. This alleviates the cost and complexity of running it on-premises, and provides the convenience of bring your own licenses.

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Today, organizations can deploy Oracle databases and applications in production on Amazon Web Services. Whether you’re looking to migrate a database, or looking to move your Oracle applications to the AWS Cloud, an extensive partner ecosystem is here to help.

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