Windows Migration & Modernization

We built a relationship with OnTheClock over the course of a year before migrating and modernizing their Windows workloads on AWS.

Windows Migration & Modernization

We built a relationship with OnTheClock over the course of a year before migrating and modernizing their Windows workloads on AWS.


OnTheClock, established by Dean Mathews in 2004, provides time-tracking software to over 15,000 customers. OnTheClock’s software allows employees to digitally clock in and out on devices approved by their employer. The software also makes payroll easier by integrating with third-party payroll systems like PayChex or Quickbooks. OnTheClock is a small business that operates out of the Detroit area. 


OnTheClock customers are located all around the country, with as many as 24/7 operating hours. Their customers need to be able to access the OnTheClock software at all hours, without interruption. On their previous hosting service, OnTheClock regularly experienced random outages or downtime, disrupting customers’ access to their software. The hosting service never provided an explanation or any notice of the steps they would take to prevent future outages. This pushed Dean and the entire OnTheClock team to search for a new hosting service that was more reliable and minimized downtime. 


OnTheClock extensively researched multiple cloud providers and chose to go with AWS for a few key reasons. First, AWS has the longest-running experience on the cloud compared to all other cloud providers. AWS also runs more than double the number of Windows workloads than any other cloud provider. Second, the OnTheClock team not only wanted a cloud provider with experience, but also one with a track record of satisfied customers. AWS’ customer obsession, through both its history of quickly resolving issues and its commitment to innovation, really stood out to the OnTheClock team. Once Dean engaged with the AWS sales team, he was very impressed with the customer experience and follow-through. The team checked in with OnTheClock often and ultimately connected Dean with JetSweep, an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner. 


The biggest factor in their decision was the working relationship that JetSweep and OnTheClock established early on. They were looking for a partner that they could trust to provide expert advice and guide them through the migration process. JetSweep stayed connected with OnTheClock for two years as they planned and worked towards a final decision for their migration. The JetSweep team made sure they fully understood their options and took the time to answer any and all questions. OnTheClock also spoke with other JetSweep customers to hear about their experience working with our team. AWS directly recommended JetSweep, and our ability to focus on their project before we were officially working together impressed the OnTheClock team.  

“We discovered early on, before our transition to AWS, that we wanted the expertise and assistance of a third party consultant for both the transition and ongoing housekeeping with AWS. We reached out to several consultants, most seemed like they could do the job. However, something stood out about JetSweep. They were patient during our year-long vetting process, always answering questions and never pushy. Most importantly, we could see that their people knew the AWS environment thoroughly, they almost never had to go back and research things, they just knew their stuff.” 

– Dean Mathews; CEO, and Founder of OnTheClock


In initial planning discussions, JetSweep worked with OnTheClock to identify the goals, existing challenges, migration concerns, and resource availability for the OnTheClock migration. JetSweep performed a discovery of their existing infrastructures and applications to design an appropriate solution that would meet all business requirements. The environment was conducive to a modernization migration, where OnTheClock would leverage RDS instead of a SQL dedicated server. After plans were approved, the project was implemented. JetSweep built the infrastructure and worked with OnTheClock application specialists to complete the application migration and migrate their web server. Throughout the migration, there was a total of 15 minutes of downtime. The minor issues that arose throughout the migration were addressed and resolved promptly. After the migration, a period of one month was spent testing. After the migration was approved, there was a knowledge transfer and handoff of the environment to the OnTheClock IT team.  


The benefits of their migration were immediately clear. They experienced a significant performance increase, noted by internal staff and customers. Since migrating, they have not experienced any unplanned downtime. They get so much more value out of their environment in AWS. 


The overall design was based on the customer’s network and security requirements. The following AWS services were included in the build: 

  • Subnets 
  • Internet gateway 
  • Route Tables  
  • Security groups 
  • NAT Gateway(s) 
  • AWS Application Load Balancer 
  • AWS EC2Instances 
  • AWS RDS 
  • AWS Backup