Amazon EC2 for Windows Server

JetSweep provides solutions for customers looking to migrate their Windows and Microsoft SQL Workloads or to deploy new Windows Workloads to Amazon EC2 for Windows Server.


 JetSweep works with its customer to review their current Windows SQL environment or requirements for a new Windows environment.


 Using the data collected in the Review phase, JetSweep Solution Architects will design their Windows Workloads on Amazon EC2 for Windows Server.  Whether this a migration from a current on-premise Windows workloads or a new Windows workloads deployment.


 With the JetSweep and customer agreed solution design, JetSweep Solution Architects will implement the new solution or perform a workload migration.

Operational Managed Support

 JetSweep will be available for supporting your new Windows workloads in Amazon EC2 for Windows Server after your implementation or migration.

JetSweep is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner participating in the Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Service Delivery Program.  To learn more information please contact