AWS End User Compute


As an AWS Advanced Solutions Partner, JetSweep is certified to deliver a best-of-breed Virtual Desktop Solution featuring Amazon Workspaces. Amazon Workspaces is a fully managed, scalable, flexible, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. Amazon Workspaces can be provisioned in just minutes, on Windows or Linux operating systems.  The flexible cost structure enables you to pay monthly or hourly, so, like many other AWS services, you only pay for the resources you need and use. Amazon Workspaces helps you eliminate the complexity of managing hardware, OS versions, and patches, and provides your users with fast, responsive desktops they can access anywhere.


JetSweep works with customers to understand their organization’s remote desktop needs, including specific application and bandwidth requirements.


JetSweep will tailor an End User Compute solution that efficiently and cost-effectively enables mobilization and scaling as organizations increase headcount.


JetSweep will quickly implement and test the EUC solution to ensure performance is optimal for each organization. Pending the size of the organization, this will all happen in a matter of days.

Managed Services

Unlike other Managed Service Providers, JetSweep is 100% focused on AWS and provides 24/7 support of AWS Workspaces. Our NOC service desk will notify, diagnose and remediate issues as they become evident in each environment via our agent-based desktop support system.

Case Studies


Learn about how JetSweep enabled Amazon WorkSpaces for Apollo Accountancy, a California-based accounting firm. Click to view the case study.

JetSweep is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner participating in the Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Service Delivery Program. To learn more information please contact