Next Generation Managed Services offered by JetSweep

JetSweep is a Cloud Analytics Solutions Provider with deep expertise in Managed Services.  JetSweep is an experienced organization comprised AWS Certified Talent working closely with our customers to manage the complexities of cloud computing.

Our experienced team provides strategic direction and solutions expertise, data and workload monitoring, management and analysis, spend analysis and optimization thru automation and rightsizing thru visibility, efficiency and governance.  Our goal is to create raving fans with our customers by regaining both strategic and tactical control over an increasingly complex infrastructure and any fundamental challenges to the future success of the business groups and processes they support.

Listed below are some of our core competencies and managed services offerings:

JetSweep Managed Services Offerings

JetSweep Managed Services are monthly recurring services offered to our customers.  JetSweep provides high quality managed services to help drive best practices for on-premise or cloud solutions and workloads, strategy, governance and optimization. Bringing a JetSweep solutions expert team into your extended team can help you jump start your strategic and tactical initiatives as an extension of your data management team.

JetSweep managed services include:

AWS Infrastructure Services

Effective management begins with an in-depth analysis of your entire infrastructure.

This service includes:

  • Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) and CloudWatch Alerting
  • AWS Infrastructure Monitoring with 24/7 NOC
  • AWS EC2 Monitoring and Restores
  • AWS Backup Monitoring
  • AWS Infrastructure Changes
  • AWS Cost Optimization Recommendations
  • AWS Well-Architected Review Services based on AWS 5 Pillars

AWS Workspaces Service

Effective management of virtual desktop enables your organization to focus on your business.

This service includes:

  • AWS WorkSpaces Monitoring for Availability and Health
  • AWS Directory Services Monitoring
  • AWS WorkSpaces and Directory Services Add, Change and Remove
  • Assistance creating initial AWS Workspaces Images
  • Workspaces Restores, Repairs and Updates
  • AWS Cost Optimization Recommendations

AWS Disaster Recovery Service

Efficient Disaster Recovery Solutions allow businesses to satisfy corporate standards and more importantly ensure business continuity in the event of a Disaster.

This service includes:

  • CloudEndure Disaster Recovery
  • AWS DR Monitoring for Replication
  • AWS DR Adds, Changes and Removes
  • Quarterly or Bi-Annually DR Failover Testing
  • AWS Failover Testing
  • AWS DR Failover from Disaster Event

Data Analytics as a Service

This monthly service is designed to monitor and analyze current state data and analytic workloads to ensure business continuity.

This service includes:

  • Monitoring, analysis and management of traditional, hybrid and cloud-based architectures
  • Providing operational monitoring, troubleshooting, remediation for data loads in batch or streaming services
  • Provide recommendations for high availability, resiliency for critical workloads
  • Provide recommendations for storage management and optimization
  • Assist IT team with alternative options for storage, data management, analytical workloads, analytical tools
  • Prepare trend analysis and reporting for usage, cost, governance, optimization and rightsizing opportunities