Professional Services offered by JetSweep

JetSweep is a Strategic Cloud and Analytics Solutions Provider with deep expertise in Managed and Professional Services.  JetSweep provides transformative business and information technology solutions in the areas of cloud strategy, cloud enablement, cloud management, business analytics and modernized data architectures.

Listed below are some of our core competencies and offerings:

JetSweep Services Offerings

JetSweep Cloud services provide high quality consultative services to help you drive best practices for cloud, strategy, governance and optimization. Bringing a JetSweep cloud expert into your extended team can help you jump start your cloud initiatives over a fixed duration, or can be a long-term extension of your cloud management team.

JetSweep services include:

Cloud Strategy & Enablement

This 1 – 2-week engagement provides a transformative roadmap deliverable that enables organizations to understand the benefits of cloud adoption through a comprehensive data first strategy.  The JetSweep Cloud Methodology includes a decision criteria for determining whether a given application could be moved to a cloud environment including a TCO Economics Analysis.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring successful cloud adoption and transforming IT
  • Understand AWS products and solutions landscape
  • Cloud Roadmap Criteria Matrix and Migration Roadmap
  • Assess Total Cost of Ownership
  • Cloud Data Strategy and Application Monetization
  • Cloud Management Techniques
  • Best Practices for Reference Architectures

Business Analytics Strategic Review & Roadmap

There is no single organizational initiative which warrants preparation, planning and strategy more than its decision to invest in a Business Intelligence Program. Fundamental to all Business Intelligence Programs is the core principle that BI platforms must be performance-driven.An organization’s information strategy needs to be optimized to solve an organizational problem or create business opportunity.

Engagement focus includes:

  • Review of operations, practices, tools in use, processes
  • Identify and define service and usage profiles driving needed services
  • Identify and define service optimizations to achieve cost savings, ROI
  • Identify and compare current state environment to future state solution gap
  • Perform Gap Analysis with Options & Recommendations
  • Professionally prepare materials detailing proposed solutions, solution approach and costs

Cloud Migration Assessment

JetSweep leverages CloudHealth Technologies Migration Assessment tools to select and evaluate applications identified for cloud migration.  The CloudHealth Migration Assessment simplifies the process of migrating assets from your data center to the public cloud. It enables you to efficiently assess and model workloads for migration, then manage and optimize your infrastructure for cost, usage, performance, and security.

The Migration Assessment includes the following :

  • Optimize resources across hybrid environments
  • Gain insight and visibility into applications and workloads
  • Understand usage and configuration
  • Uncover the TCO of migrating workloads