A Basic Guide for Understanding Cloud Models 

When we say basic guide, we mean really basic. There are three cloud models: public, private, and hybrid. Think of the cloud industry as the real estate industry. There are apartment buildings that can house hundreds of tenants, people that own their homes, and a few other options too. As people move around, age, or […]

The Exclusive Benefits of Working with an AWS Partner  

What is an AWS Partner? The Amazon Web Services Partner Network is made up of organizations that have been officially recognized for their expertise working in the AWS cloud. Partners undergo a rigorous approval process and are required to maintain their partner status each year.   There are two types of partners – technology and consulting. […]

How To Securely Use Public Wi-Fi

Remote work doesn’t just mean working from home, for many employees it means they will work from anywhere. If you walk into a coffee shop during the workweek, the likelihood of someone working on a laptop or tablet with private information is high. While finding ways to switch up your remote workday is growing in […]

Answers by the Experts: Managed Services

You may have heard of managed services, but do you know what that means on the cloud?  As more companies migrate their IT environments to the cloud, they turn to cloud managed services providers to help them get the most out of their environment. This month, we asked Director of Managed Services Patrick Hernandez to answer a few questions […]

Amazon WorkSpaces – a solution for organizations affected by the microchip shortage and supply chain issues.

As the supply chain crisis extends wait times and increases prices for new computers, JetSweep can help your organization deploy Amazon WorkSpaces, a desktop-as-a-service solution that enables employees to access company networks from their own devices. The US is experiencing the effects of a struggling supply chain. Experts are warning consumers to buy Christmas presents […]

The Business Continuity Basics

The last year has put our collective understanding of preparedness to the test. For most businesses, the trifecta of COVID, increasingly hazardous weather events, and an onslaught of ransomware attacks have increased many organizations’ digital vulnerability and the risk of downtime or disaster. These threats have shown us the importance of business continuity and the real-time effects of data disasters […]

Breaking IT Down: AWS CloudTrail

What is AWS CloudTrail? AWS CloudTrail is a service that helps you enable governance, compliance, and operational and risk auditing of your AWS account. Its main function is to keep a continuous log of anything a user does or looks at that is related to the AWS Management Console. Using AWS CloudTrail is an AWS best practice.  How […]

Breaking IT Down: AWS IAM Best Practices

Cybersecurity has been the talk of the industry in recent months, for good reason. Recent ransomware attacks have shed light on our collective vulnerability, and it’s clear that American companies need to improve our cybersecurity posture. But cybersecurity is a huge umbrella term, filled with discussions on intricate systems, policies, and players that can be hard to understand. In […]