Cloud Services / Well-Architected Framework Review

Building (or Rebuilding) Strong Cloud Operations

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Why JetSweep?

Our team has evolved with the industry over decades– from developing enterprise-grade on-premises technology to architecting solutions on the cloud. Our experience spans industries and use cases. We’ve always kept a keen focus on infrastructure because it is the foundation for everything you can accomplish on the cloud. Our AWS Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) practice, informed by this deep expertise and the AWS Well-Architected Framework, sets customers up for unhindered growth.

Our Process


We engage with your team to learn about your workloads and gain an intimate understanding of your environment.


We probe your environment for everything from significant security vulnerabilities to the small tweaks that have a big impact. We identify key risks and opportunities for cost savings, improving performance, and more.


We report our findings to you, including critical needs, optimizations, and nice-to-haves. We’ll scope out multiple options for remediation and explain how each item will impact your overall performance and bottom line.


Our team dives back in with your permission to build, rework, and optimize your workloads according to our recommendations.

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Remove Security Vulnerabilities

Well-Architected Framework Reviews are the best opportunity to investigate how your security practices are running. Whether your workloads are one or ten years old, our team will search for any issue that may cause trouble. We provide a clear path to fix everything from critical problems to the small stuff.

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Gain Visibility Into Usage and Potential Cost Savings

Our team often finds underutilized resources that customers may have forgotten about. We make sure every part of your environment is functioning as intended. We rightsize resources to ensure you’re only spending on services you truly need.

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Optimize Workloads and Improve Performance

AWS is constantly updating its services and introducing new features. Our team is deeply familiar with AWS and stays updated with changes, so you don’t have to. We’ll identify where to update services for faster speeds and better performance.

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