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Frequently Asked Funding Questions

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Working with an AWS Consulting Partner like JetSweep provides customers with the opportunity to get their projects funded. AWS funding programs help millions of customers run new workloads on the cloud each year.

Net new workloads in AWS can be funded. If you’re new to the cloud and exploring a migration, or if you’d like to try a new solution, our team will help you leverage available funds. We will advise you on the programs you’re most likely to qualify for and lead you through the application process.

Working with an AWS Partner gives you exclusive access to specific funding programs. Our team assists all of our customers in the funding application process.

Our initial statement of work will include an outline of expected costs and payment deadlines. If your project receives funding, it will be noted in this section, so you know what to expect.

Our team is often able to use AWS funding to provide zero-cost assessments.

Customers should expect to provide a snapshot of their environment to our team and schedule an initial 30-minute call.

You're in the Right Place

Ready to get your next project funded? Fill out the form and attach a basic snapshot of your environment. We’ll get back to you with an estimate and recommendations for funding programs.