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360° Optimization, 365 Days

Take management tasks off your to-do list. We designed our Managed Cloud Service for organizations that need resourceful technical experts on their side to fill skills gaps, supplement low headcount, and support internal resources. We can work on the small stuff or large-scale transformational projects. Our biggest goal is ensuring your environment works for you, getting time and resources back into your hands for working on the projects they’re best at.

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Get Clear Visibility and Confidence

All of our managed cloud customers get access to CloudCheckr reporting and analytics. This deep visibility helps us understand where to reduce costs, how to manage utilization, and stay on top of security.

Gain a Partner for Continuous Improvement

You will have a team of JetSweep Solution Architects to work on projects of your choice. We offer a yearly Well-Architected Review to check in on the health of customers’ environments. We’ll always keep an eye out for ways to improve cloud experiences.

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Never Worry About a Ticket Again

Our team handles monitoring infrastructure resources, backup and security alerts, and ticketing management. Our around-the-clock support and rapid response times ensure that you can stay focused where you work best.

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Cost Optimization Services

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Disaster Recovery Advising

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Well-Architected Reviews

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AWS Infrastructure Resource Monitoring

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AWS Ticketing Management and Alerting

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