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Exploring AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery with Dagostino Electronic Services

Our team engaged with Dagostino Electronic Services to demonstrate how to deploy AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery to successfully improve recovery outcomes.

The Customer

Dagostino Electronic Services (DES) is a regional leader in complex technology integrations. Founded in Pittsburgh in 1973, DES solutions span the built environment, extending from technology design to advanced analytics and automations. DES solutions center on cabling, security, cybersecurity, networking, multimedia, voice, advanced lighting, cloud, and AI.

The Challenge

DES wanted to explore AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) as a solution to protect their on-premises workloads. More so, they desired to understand if AWS DRS would be a good fit for their customer base. Their previous Disaster Recovery solution had long RTO and RPO which did not provide sufficient protection against data loss or downtime.

Why AWS?

AWS DRS offered fast recovery times at an affordable price. Additionally, they wanted to understand the deployment process and build a product development case for their marketing and operations strategy.

Why JetSweep?

AWS recommended JetSweep to DES. After an initial demonstration of AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, JetSweep set out a collaborative development process with the DES team. 

The Solution

JetSweep met with DES to identify key objectives and goals for the project. With target RTO and RPO in place, JetSweep began solution design with a proof of concept for a small workload. After that milestone, JetSweep expanded to a full DR implementation using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) and AWS VPC.

After configuring the AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery solution, JetSweep deployed the agent. Lastly, the team tested the solution to ensure an optimal outcome in the event of a disaster.

Customer enablement is key to any DR solution. With DES’s goal in mind to offer the solution to their customer base, JetSweep offered detailed training resources to ensure the internal team at DES was equipped to manage the solution on their own. JetSweep performed a demonstration and live walkthrough of the solution before delivering a full description of the solution and a DR runbook detailing each step for recovery.

The Results

JetSweep satisfied the customer’s targeted recovery goals. The RTO is 1 hour and RPO was reduced to just seconds.

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