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Demonstrating Faster Recovery Outcomes with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

Our team developed and delivered a Proof of Concept of AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery for EBSCO Information Services that improved recovery outcomes.

The Customer

EBSCO Information Services is one of the world’s leading companies for information and research resources. They service libraries and universities across the country, providing research databases, eBooks, and library indexing resources.

The Challenge

EBSCO Information Services sought a Proof of Concept for a solution to ensure business continuity of their .NET environment in a disaster. Their team was concerned for the integrity of their data centers. The customer’s previous solution had a long RTO and RPO, and they sought out a DR solution that would reduce downtime.

Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services is EBSCO’s cloud provider of choice. They have been in the process of migrating workloads to AWS for the last few years. AWS DRS offered their team improved cost and faster recovery outcomes compared to their previous DR solutions.

Why JetSweep?

JetSweep was recommended by AWS because of our proven track record and high level of expertise with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. Our team’s interactions throughout the discovery calls and our demonstration of AWS DRS showed the EBSCO team that we were the right fit.

"Collaborating with AWS & JetSweep on our business continuity Proof of Concept has been a pleasure. Beyond their proficiency in gathering requirements, building out our POC, and testing in DRS, they were very responsive to inquiries and meeting our deadlines. Their dedication to client satisfaction is evident, reflecting a commendable standard of service and commitment to delivering exceptional results."

The Solution

First, we met with the customer to identify key objectives and goals for the project. Once we identified EBSCO’s target RTO and RPO, our team began designing and building the AWS infrastructure.

We then built the following in the DR Region: 

  • Subnets
  • Internet gateway
  • Route Tables
  • Basic security groups

After configuring the AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery solution, we deployed the agent. Once the set-up process was complete, our team tested the solution to ensure an optimal outcome in the event of a disaster. 

Our team follows every DR implementation up with a knowledge transfer to ensure the internal team is prepared to manage the solution on their own. Our team performed a demonstration and live walkthrough of the solution before delivering a full description of the solution and a DR runbook detailing each step for recovery.

The Results

Our team successfully demonstrated recovery with AWS DRS within the Proof of Concept. The recovery outcomes outperformed the RTO and RPO from their previous solution.

AWS Services


Route Tables


Basic Security Groups

Internet Gateway

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

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