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Migrating to AWS to Maximize Efficiency

Our team worked with Oliver Technology on their migration to simplify the management of their environment. Their migration has allowed for the automation of time-consuming tasks and boosted productivity for their team.

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The Customer

Oliver Technology Corporation, based in Washington DC, provides customers with a collections litigation platform. Their software provides complete oversight of the litigation process while delivering on compliance, security, and efficiency.

The Challenge

Oliver had outgrown its original hosting provider, Heroku. As they experienced significant organizational growth and prepared to onboard larger customers, they required a cloud provider that could more efficiently meet their evolving needs. They were looking for a more robust and service-rich cloud provider.

Why JetSweep?

AWS and JetSweep engaged with Oliver Technologies to discuss a possible migration of their core legal application from Heroku. JetSweep proposed a short discovery to ensure Oliver could build a business case and understand the fit for a move to AWS. JetSweep performed the assessment and Oliver was so impressed with the granular level of detail that they selected JetSweep and AWS.

“As a result of moving our core SaaS platform from Heroku to AWS, we improved our team’s overall efficiency, enabled a quicker transition to scale up or down with resources, and took advantage of AWS’s innovative development services.”

The Solution

JetSweep recommended that Oliver migrate to AWS using a re-platform strategy. Our team planned to move some applications as-is, and then migrate and modernize other applications to be more cloud-native. To deploy all 33 single-tenant customer application environment stacks, our team built out CloudFormation. JetSweep set up VPN Peering with Transit Gateway to achieve interactions between VPCs. They also adopted AWS Organizations and Best Practice Security Management, and we re-integrated the Travis CI Pipeline to AWS.

The Results

After promoting a strong knowledge transfer, the Oliver team reported that setup and deployment for new customers were easier. Their developers are achieving higher productivity because of the automation we set up. Finally, their pricing model is much more straightforward and easier to control.

The Benefits

Ease of Deployment

Each of Oliver Technology’s customers has its own single-tenant application environment. Prior to working with us, their team had to manually spin each customer’s environment up during the onboarding process. We automated the creation of the entire application by creating a flexible CloudFormation script.

Straightforward Pricing

The ability to control workloads with auto scale and right size instances gave the Oliver team much better control over their IT spend. On their previous provider, the rigid pricing models incurred high costs.

Higher Developer Productivity

Elastic Beanstalk was instrumental in supporting Ruby by using worker nodes to distribute the application workload in a more modular and scalable way. The integration of their Travis CI/CD pipeline directly into AWS also improved productivity.

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