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Creating a Pilot Light Disaster Recovery Plan

Our team has worked with Incentivio for years as their Managed Services Provider. In 2023, we took on the task of creating a disaster recovery plan for their application.

The Customer

Incentivio is a digital restaurant platform that is web-based, mobile, and has in-store channels located in Boston, MA. They strive to acquire new customers, drive spending and increase loyalty for all their clients.

The Challenge

As they scaled, company leadership and investors were interested in developing a comprehensive business continuity plan to ensure rapid recovery of workloads. They reached out to JetSweep to explore their options.

Why AWS?

Incentivio’s application was already hosted in AWS, using AWS EC2, AWS ALB, and AWS RDS. Leveraging AWS DRS, a disaster recovery solution native to AWS, was a natural extension of their investment in the platform.

Why JetSweep?

JetSweep has worked with this customer for years as a Managed Services Provider. Our team regularly provides guidance on architecture and new projects so their technical resources can focus on application development and support. Their team trusted JetSweep’s deep experience with disaster recovery for this project.

The Solution

During our initial planning phase, JetSweep met with Incentivio’s team to gather information about their business, financial, and technical needs. For resiliency customers, our team reviews RPO/RTO requirements and any existing business continuity plans in place. Additionally, we discussed DR options based on their services in use.

After the initial review, our team proposed a Pilot Light design using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS) for AWS EC2, AWS RDS Read Replica, and automation for AWS Infrastructure and AWS Application Load Balancer in a separate region from their application. This solution provided the most cost-effective solution for their desired RTO. Additionally, we automated the customer’s recovery with a combination of Terraform scripts and AWS DRS Blueprints.


After implementing the solution, our team created a DR Runbook for their team. The runbook defines responsibilities for stakeholders, a recovery timeline, and all steps needed to activate and run a DR plan. 

The Benefits

Our customer had a documented business continuity plan for their investors and leadership. The plan meets their desired RTO requirement of four hours or less.

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