Leveraging MontyCloud DAY2 for More Efficient and Effective Well-Architected Framework Reviews

In this blog, we will discuss the AWS Well-Architected Framework, the importance of a yearly Well-Architected Framework Review, and how MontyCloud DAY2 simplifies and enhances the review process.


Understanding The AWS Well-Architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is the foundation for architecting optimal workloads on AWS. This framework guides professionals on best practices in six areas– Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Sustainability. Architecting according to the framework empowers organizations to build efficient, scalable, and secure workloads with optimal cost and performance.

AWS is complex and vast. With over 200+ services and hundreds of possible configurations, it can be hard to determine which strategy will best achieve organizational goals without deep knowledge and expertise. The Well-Architected Framework is not set in stone, but a dynamic set of rules regularly updated by AWS. While AWS’ culture of constant improvement is one of the cloud provider’s biggest benefits, it can be hard to keep up with the break-neck speed of developments. For the average user balancing day-to-day workload management, long-term strategic planning, and everything else on your to-do list, finding the time and resources to stay updated on the framework and continuously improve your environment is a difficult task. This is where AWS Partners can step in to help.

For partners like us, we use the Well-Architected Framework every day, whether we’re building something new for customers or resolving an issue with a workload. The best practices outlined in the six pillars of the framework inform every part of our practice, guiding our solution architects as they create (or re-architect) powerful solutions for customers. While we build every solution according to the framework, we also help customers evaluate existing workloads by conducting Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFR).


What is a Well-Architected Framework Review?

A Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) is a thorough 60-question process that allows customers to assess their workloads against the Well-Architected Framework. The process is broken down according to each pillar, diving into the building blocks of each workload to ensure the architecture is properly designed. Once completed, a WAFR reveals issues that must be resolved or updates that must be made to adhere to the framework. This process is integral for all organizations, as it ensures environments are securely operating efficiently, as intended, and within budget. 

Our team recommends that AWS users conduct at least one WAFR per year to stay up to date with AWS developments. However, the process of evaluating and remediating workloads can be lengthy. JetSweep has partnered with MontyCloud to offer fast, comprehensive Well-Architected Framework Reviews.

Leveraging MontyCloud for Well-Architected Reviews that Go Deeper, Faster

JetSweep Well-Architected Framework Reviews give customers access to experts that have evolved with the industry over decades, from developing enterprise-grade technology to architecting cloud solutions. Our AWS expertise spans industries and many different use cases. By leveraging MontyCloud DAY2, we can deliver WAFRs with improved efficiency and with additional fact-based findings to better assist the customer with proper remediation guidance. 

After connecting an AWS environment, MontyCloud DAY2 rapidly provides a snapshot of the environment and performs autonomous checks against the environment. 70% of the checks contained within the Well-Architected Framework have been automated, inspecting a customer’s environment and flagging any configurations that violate Well-Architected principles. Discovered issues are categorized by the Well Architected pillars and offer remediation guidance for each finding. This automation shortens our process from hours down to minutes, allowing us to offload much of the discovery process and allowing us to spend our time more strategically on developing a detailed remediation strategy for our customers.  

The addition of MontyCloud DAY2 to our practice ensures that customers have broadly scoped fact-based assessments that combine the standard Well Architected interview process with systematic checks to ensure all deficiencies are identified. DAY2’s autonomous checks increase the depth of our configuration findings. The combined output from our interviews and the DAY2 assessment findings allow us to produce a rich and appropriate remediation strategy for our customers, complete with guidance and instructions.



Well-Architected Framework Reviews are an integral process for every organization on AWS. Our team, leveraging MontyCloud DAY2, can help your organization stay on top of the WAFR process and ensure your environment is operating at its best.

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