JetSweep partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer AWS Cloud Next POC

After attaining Amazon Web Services APN Consulting Status, JetSweep a Cloud and Analytics Solution Provider is offering a Cloud Next Assessment designed to shape POC applications for customer in the areas of Analytical Workloads (Iot, Machine Learning, Big Data) Back-Up and Recovery, and Streaming Solutions.  Please reach out to Chris Barbanti at to schedule your AWS Cloud Next POC Assessment.


Analytical Workload POC.  AWS offers a comprehensive set of to handle every step of the analytics workload, including data warehousing, business intelligence, batch and stream processing, machine learning and data workflow orchestration.  These services are powerful and flexible, yet simple to use.  Take the opportunity to enable your organization to put your raw data to work quickly and easily;


  • Services:  Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon RedShift, AWS Glue, AWS Data Pipeline;


Back-Up and Recovery POC.  Explore AWS storage solutions designed to deliver secured, scalable and durable storage right from within your organizations backup and recovery environment without the need for on-premise infrastructure.  AWS offers a broad range of solutions for backup and recovery and are designed for many of your workloads today;


  • Services:  AWS Storage Gateway, AWS Simple Storage Service, AWS Data Migration Services, AWS Data Transfer Services, AWS Relational Database Services;


Streaming Data / Machine Learning & IoT.  Introduction of AWS services used to collect, process and analyze real-time streaming data.  Low latency data assets can now be integrated into your databases, data lakes and data warehouses;


  • Services:  AWS Kinesis Firehouse, AWS Kinesis Analytics, AWS Kinesis Streams, AWS  Machine Learning; Amazon QuickSight, AWS RedShift, Amazon Athena


Windows, SQL Server in AWS POC.  Scale your Microsoft-based Windows Applications such as SharePoint, Dynamics, Exchange, MS SQL Server.  You can purchase Microsoft software licenses including Windows Server and SQL Server directly thru AWS, or use your own licenses for MS applications you already own;


  • Services:  Amazon EC2 for Windows Server, AWS Database Migration Services, RDS for Windows SQL Server;