The Exclusive Benefits of Working with an AWS Partner  

What is an AWS Partner? The Amazon Web Services Partner Network is made up of organizations that have been officially recognized for their expertise working in the AWS cloud. Partners undergo a rigorous approval process and are required to maintain their partner status each year.   There are two types of partners – technology and consulting. […]

Answers by the Experts: Managed Services

You may have heard of managed services, but do you know what that means on the cloud?  As more companies migrate their IT environments to the cloud, they turn to cloud managed services providers to help them get the most out of their environment. This month, we asked Director of Managed Services Patrick Hernandez to answer a few questions […]

AWS Recognizes JetSweep for EUC Competency on the APN Newsletter The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program for Amazon Web Services (AWS). We enable APN Partners to build, market, and sell their AWS offerings, and we help customers identify top APN Partners that can deliver on core business objectives. There are tens of thousands of APN Partners across the globe. More than 90 […]

The Case for Amazon Workspaces – Now More than Ever

For the last decade, the Virtual Desktop market have been dominated by on-premise solutions from VMware, Citrix and other VDI solutions.  These solutions require huge upfront hardware investments and ongoing expensive maintenance.  In addition, because they centralize data and applications, outages can impact a large swath of users over different geographic regions. If you speak […]

JetSweep AWS Workspaces Solution for LifeScience Organizations

JetSweep is a Cloud Solutions Organization that provides transformative business and technology solutions maximizing the innovation of AWS.  As an AWS Advanced Solutions Partner, JetSweep is certified to deliver a best of breed Virtual Desktop Solution for Life Sciences featuring Amazon Workspaces.  Life Science organizations’ have stringent compliance requirements and AWS Workspaces is uniquely positioned […]

JetSweep & AWS Workspace Enables Work from Home Options for Organizations Struggling with the Coronavirus and Productivity!

The Coronavirus has forced many organizations to re-think work-at-home options.  In fact the CDC has stressed for all organizations to have multiple options for employees to work at home.    Please reach out to JetSweep to review Amazon Workspaces, which is a fully managed, scalable, flexible, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. Amazon Workspaces can be provisioned […]

JetSweep Offers AWS Health-Check Assessments

As an AWS Advanced Solutions Partner, JetSweep has developed a rapid Health Check to assess your organization’s AWS Environment in the following areas: AWS Back-Up & DR Designed to provide best practice AWS Back-Up and DR Solutions AWS Data Lake Analytics Designed to illustrate the fluidity of Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytics AWS MSFT Windows [...]

JetSweep Offers AWS DB Migration Service

There are several factors that must be considered when embarking on a database migration to Amazon’s cloud. The JetSweep team of Amazon experienced, and certified database consultants will help to guide you through the process. We have identified the most important steps in this process. As an AWS Advanced Solutions Partner, JetSweep will assist to […]