The Exclusive Benefits of Working with an AWS Partner

What is an AWS Partner?

The Amazon Web Services Partner Network is made up of organizations that have been officially recognized for their expertise working in the AWS cloud. Partners undergo a rigorous approval process and are required to maintain their partner status each year.


There are two types of partners – technology and consulting. Technology partners have developed specific software or products to build upon the capabilities of the AWS ecosystem. Consulting partners are trusted teams of solution architects that offer IT services to implement AWS solutions and guide customers throughout their cloud journey.


AWS Partners get in the weeds with customers to do anything in the cloud that they want — migrate, modernize, develop applications, create disaster recovery solutions, and so much more.


Why Work with an AWS Partner?

The answer is simple: the three E’s. Experience, ease, and expense.


1. AWS Partners have vast knowledge and experience within the AWS ecosystem. They work with hundreds of customers each year to build hundreds of solutions. Many times, solution architects will dedicate their focus to a few key solutions that they repeat. If you choose to work with an AWS Partner’s team, their solution architects may have been working on solutions like yours for years. Many have witnessed the evolution of the AWS cloud and have deep knowledge of how to create a solution that is the best fit for your needs.


2. Working with an AWS Partner should create a sense of ease for your team, especially your IT employees. Whether you work with a Managed Services Partner or on a one-time project, having an expert on your side should lighten your team’s load and expand their bandwidth. We hear from many of our managed services customers about how JetSweep solution architects feel like an extension of their own team. We help them take care of the day-to-day maintenance and support tasks, empowering their team to focus on the bigger picture, mission-focused and revenue-driving projects.


Having experts on their side often creates a sense of ease for customers just starting their cloud journey as they dive into a big transition. Our team can answer every question, provide context for why specific solutions work better, and introduce customers to new innovations. If you are looking for ease and peace of mind throughout your cloud journey, an AWS Partner like us can help make that happen.


3. As customers consider their options, keeping expenses low is a huge priority. When you work with an AWS Partner, you get access to funding that you can’t find anywhere else. With Partner Opportunity Acceleration Funds, our team can create a proof of concept (POC) at little to no cost to you. For customers considering a migration to the AWS cloud, the Migration Acceleration Program can significantly reduce costs.


Spending doesn’t end after your initial project is done. JetSweep partners with CloudCheckr to offer cost optimization services for many of our customers. CloudCheckr gives customers visibility into where money is going and why. Our solution architects stay up-to-date on best practices in every service area to ensure that we can take the insights from CloudCheckr and develop a plan to keep costs low.


If you’re ready to explore the cloud with an AWS Partner on your side, contact our sales team at to set up a free 30-minute introductory call.