Unlock 7 Key Benefits with an AWS Partner on Your Side

Do you know the value of working with an AWS Partner?


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Organizations that are a part of the AWS Partner Network are recognized for their deep knowledge and expertise with the AWS Cloud. Partners work with customers throughout their journey to the cloud, assisting with their first steps through modernization, ensuring that they leverage all that the cloud has to offer. To put it plainly, AWS Partners enable customers to achieve their business objectives by advising and guiding their cloud journey.


As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, JetSweep has worked with small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between. If your organization is exploring options for modernization, we’ve compiled the following 7 benefits for you to consider:

  1. The best cloud environments are the ones that are continuously optimized. For in-house IT teams, striking the balance between daily operational tasks, cloud optimization, and projects that provide business value to your customers can be extremely challenging. Much more goes into cloud optimization than you may think – staying up to date on AWS solutions and services, monitoring, analysis, and reworking the environment according to best practices all take up a serious chunk of time. When you work with a partner like JetSweep, we collaborate, educate, and take all the hard, time-consuming items off your plate. Our solutions architects are required to stay up to date on AWS certifications and training to ensure that they can provide the best recommendations for your cloud environment. We also take on the day-to-day operational tasks for our Managed Services customers, so their in-house team can focus on one thing: innovation to drive revenue and business value.
  2. With your IT team freed from daily operational tasks, they can focus more on innovating and providing business value to grow. How can we get where we want to go better and faster than the competition? Your IT team will have time to answer questions like this, while JetSweep ensures your AWS environment is reliable, scalable, efficient, and secure.
  3. JetSweep Solutions Architects bring years of experience with OnPrem, Data Center, and the cloud because they have evolved with it. For organizations looking to modernize, this combination of experiences has proven invaluable. We understand the value the cloud brings and can help you navigate your journey in a way that fits your organization. With years of on-premises and cloud experience (and the AWS certifications to prove it), we understand where you’re coming from, where you’d like to go, and we will work with your team to advise, guide, and execute the plan.
  4. Our solutions architects will help you conquer the gotchas of every solution or service that AWS has to offer. Our team spends hundreds of hours each year working with AWS, so we are familiar with the gotchas and how to resolve them in a way that is repeatable and teachable. We’re constantly training and practicing in our sandbox environments to ensure we stay on top of the most modern and innovative cloud provider in the market.
  5. Our customers have access to support that is tailored to their needs. For our based billing and cost optimization customers, we are their first line of defense for tickets and support. If JetSweep is not able to provide a solution, we leverage our relationships with AWS and its sprawling network of solution and service providers to ensure that customers receive expertise based on their desired solution.
  6. We encourage all of our customers to treat our solution architects as an extension of their own team. We take the time to get to know your business, employees, and goals to ensure that we’re all working in tandem with a shared vision in mind. Our relationships with customers are deeply important to us, and we want nothing more than to help push you even closer to achieving your goals. You can rely on JetSweep to work diligently with your team to ensure optimal performance and outcomes.
  7. One of the biggest benefits we provide to our customers is cost savings and optimization services. If a customer moves to the cloud in a lift and shift manner, cost savings will be minimal at best. As a result, we offer a variety of services dedicated to helping customers improve the performance and efficiency of their environment while keeping costs low. Our team stays up to date on best practices in every solution or service area to ensure that costs remain low, and we use CloudCheckr to help our Managed Services and Resell customers gain total visibility into their cloud usage and spend.


When you work with an AWS Partner, you gain just that – a partner. We are here to help you make the most of the cloud, from teaching your team about best practices to equipping you with the tools that will help you succeed. We always keep an eye out for the tactics, solutions, and services that will make your journey to the cloud easier and cost-effective.


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