AWS Recognizes JetSweep for EUC Competency on the APN Newsletter


The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program for Amazon Web Services (AWS).


We enable APN Partners to build, market, and sell their AWS offerings, and we help customers identify top APN Partners that can deliver on core business objectives.


There are tens of thousands of APN Partners across the globe. More than 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies and the majority of Fortune 500 companies utilize APN Partner solutions and services.


To receive APN program designations such as AWS Competency, AWS Service Delivery, AWS Service Ready, and AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP), organizations must undergo rigorous technical validation and assessment of their AWS solutions and practices.


NEW! AWS Competency Partners

If you want to be successful in today’s complex IT environment, and remain that way tomorrow and into the future, teaming up with an AWS Competency Partner is The Next Smart.


The AWS Competency Program highlights APN Partners with demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized areas across industry, applications, and workloads. Guidance from these skilled professionals can leads to better business and bigger results.