The Case for Amazon Workspaces – Now More than Ever

For the last decade, the Virtual Desktop market have been dominated by on-premise solutions from VMware, Citrix and other VDI solutions. These solutions require huge upfront hardware investments and ongoing expensive maintenance. In addition, because they centralize data and applications, outages can impact a large swath of users over different geographic regions. If you speak with most IT support folks, the Virtual Desktop had been one of their more challenging support areas with never-ending help desk requests.


In the last couple of years, Amazon came out with AWS Workspaces a fully managed, scalable, flexible, secure Desktop-as-a- Service. Amazon Workspaces can be provisioned in just minutes, on Windows or Linux operating systems. The flexible cost structure enables you to pay monthly or hourly, and like many AWS Services, you only pay for the resources you need and use. Especially in the age of Covid-19 and Social Distancing, AWS Workspaces helps you eliminate the complexity of managing hardware, OS versions and patches, and provides your users with fast, responsive desktops they can access anywhere with redundancy.


A recent example of this type of nimble provisioning occurred in less than a week as JetSweep engaged with a Apollo Accountancy a growing accounting firm that struggled with how their CPAs accessed and shared sensitive client data. Prior to workspaces, they leveraged an external USB drive to share data which accounted for numerous sync and inconsistency. Within a week, these issues were solved, and Apollo has a secure and scalable path forward to service their customers.


JetSweep encourages you to see if Amazon Workspaces is a good fit for your organization via a POC. A POC allows you to test a small number of workspaces free of AWS charges until June 30. During these unsettled times, a great way to enable more remote efficiencies for your organization.