JetSweep & AWS Workspace Enables Work from Home Options for Organizations Struggling with the Coronavirus and Productivity!

The Coronavirus has forced many organizations to re-think work-at-home options. In fact the CDC has stressed for all organizations to have multiple options for employees to work at home. Please reach out to JetSweep to review Amazon Workspaces, which is a fully managed, scalable, flexible, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. Amazon Workspaces can be provisioned in just minutes, on Windows or Linux operating systems. Amazon Workspaces helps you eliminate the complexity of managing hardware, OS versions and patches, and provides your users with fast, responsive desktops they can access anywhere. Amazon Workspaces has been adopted by a diverse array of organizations from fortune 500 companies to small businesses. hashtag#desktop hashtag#remote working hashtag#amazon workspaces hashtag#awspartner hashtag#backupandrecovery