JetSweep AWS Workspaces Solution for LifeScience Organizations

JetSweep is a Cloud Solutions Organization that provides transformative business and technology solutions maximizing the innovation of AWS. As an AWS Advanced Solutions Partner, JetSweep is certified to deliver a best of breed Virtual Desktop Solution for Life Sciences featuring Amazon Workspaces. Life Science organizations’ have stringent compliance requirements and AWS Workspaces is uniquely positioned to provide secure desktop environments that comply with regulatory needs, while ensuring no user data is stored on local devices


Amazon Workspaces is a fully managed, scalable, flexible, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. Amazon Workspaces can be provisioned in just minutes, on Windows or Linux operating systems. The flexible cost structure enables you to pay monthly or hourly, so like many other AWS services, you only pay for the resources you need and use. Amazon Workspaces helps you eliminate the complexity of managing hardware, OS versions and patches, and provides your users with fast, responsive desktops they can access anywhere. Amazon Workspaces has been adopted by a diverse array


JetSweep works with the largest, most reliable provider of quality on-demand learning and development talent and solutions. They have over 25,000 L&D resources specializing in adult learning for all technologies and business/soft skills. They teach on-site global training classrooms for Life Science organizations and large enterprise customers like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Walmart, Chevron, Estee Lauder, Michael Kors, Canon, and all four branches of the US Armed Services.


JetSweep Case Study: JetSweep designed a solution leveraging Amazon Workspaces, AWS EC2, AWS Cloudformation, AWS SimpleAD, and many AWS Availabilty Zones. The solution enables them to spin up training modules all over the globe, saving time, hardware costs, and valuable workforce hours. This innovative solution leveraging Amazon Workspaces truly takes advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the AWS cloud.